Design & Coordination Management ↰

With extensive experience working with educated developers, architects, engineers and other specialty design consultants, NEOCON has the ability to implement building concepts. To best satisfy our clients’ desired outcomes, we also drive Value Management and coordinate all required processes.

Design-focused, quality construction is our main objective, so we encourage and inspire design consultants to achieve each project’s maximum potential. The NEOCON team works cohesively with the design consultant to ensure that this is accomplished in the most cost-effective manner, while maintaining buildability, compliance, serviceability and longevity.

Quality Assurance ↰

NEOCON’s extensive skill, trade and personnel base, along with our quality control systems, enables us to wholly execute projects to the highest finished standard. Our project teams have the range of capabilities required to undertake the process from start to finish.

We continually review NEOCON projects and competencies, allowing NEOCON to remain committed to delivering quality work on budget and on time. This commitment ensures the fundamentals are met, with regard to statutory, code and other regulatory requirements. We also ensure that our personnel are qualified and trained in both tried-and-true and innovative practices. After all, it’s the people on the job who offer the best reflection of the finished product.

Sustainability ↰

At NEOCON, we are aware of the responsibilities that come with our work. Not only to deliver products that allow our clients to achieve commercial success, but also to undertake projects with a view to achieving sustainable social and environmental outcomes.

We believe that sustainability should be in-built to every process and result. Best practice is the only practice. We research and implement solutions that foster longevity – for buildings, their occupants, the communities they inhabit and our natural environment. NEOCON has long been, and will continue to be, an industry leader for sustainable building practices here in Melbourne.

Workplace health & Safety ↰

NEOCON strictly complies with the stringent requirements of Occupational Health and Safety legislation and associated industry regulations. We vet all subcontractors to determine that they operate in the same way. On site, we do not compromise on the standards that protect the safety of our personnel and visitors.

We adhere to project-specific safety plans. All personnel are appropriately trained and certified in occupational health and safety, and regular inspections are undertaken to ensure that every team member is undertaking their obligations proficiently. Any failure to adhere to the safety plan, unsafe conditions or accidents are reported and investigated.